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Both the original Desolation Center events and the documentary were all about collaboration.  So our team has devised an approach to encourage participation from friends of the film.


Are you part of a community that would dig the film? 


Help spread the Desolation Center spirit far and wide

while using the digital release to support your own

store, cultural event, or DIY project. 

It's simple:

1. We create a discount code so your audience

    will getup to 20% off the film on Vimeo.

2. You let your audience know about the film

    through social media and e-mail.

3. You get a share of all revenues generated

    by your unique discount code.


We've already worked with Amoeba Music, WFMU, Sonic Boom Records, and other partners to bring the film directly to audiences. 


Send us an email at 

to find out more about our affiliate program.

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Meat Puppets, Joy At Sea, San Pedro 1984.

Ann Summa Photography All rights reserved

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