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Hundreds of Punks hit the

Desert.  The modern music

festival was born.


History of L.A.s Most Legendary
Bygone Music Festivals.
By Bennett Kogan

Boston Hassle by Oscar Goff

“a perfect representation of where the American punk scene was heading at the mid-point of the ’80s”

"a series of important but overlooked shows – nothing like it has been attempted since."
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“the magic of the shows is that . . .

they were raw, they were real,

and, most importantly, they were

completely original”

“somehow manages, against almost

impossible odds, to capture the power

of events that revolutionized pop music

as we knew it.”

“a fascinating glimpse at the emergence of a phenomenon.”

"hot ticket"

“a series of site-specific concerts in Southern California once offered an alternative, wildly independent vision”

“a consortium of post-punk aficionados who resisted the concept of money-making in favor of truly egalitarian experimental live shows”

“these desert shows would go on to shape and influence marquee US music festivals, with Burning Man taking direct inspiration.”

“Swezey was in many ways a trailblazer”

“fantastic new documentary”


The Middle of Nowhere    by Skot Armstrong 

"If you recently spent a small fortune to attend a cultural event in a desert locale, it probably contains DNA from a series of conceptual concerts that were staged in the Los Angeles area between 1983 and 1985".

Photo of Mojave Auszug, 1984. VAN STUCK IN SAND -  By Scot Allen.

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